Month: February 2020

Consumer credit: how will the French travel in 2020?

The end-of-year celebrations are an opportunity to meet up with the family, to open the packages under the tree, to chain the feasts and to put on your thirty-one. But it’s also a good time to think about the next vacation! The specialist in good deals in terms of tourist stays, looked into French escape plans Read More

Employer credit – advantages & disadvantages

Loans with extremely high risk premiums. In addition to banks, private lenders such as relatives, friends or employers are particularly suitable for financing larger purchases such as the purchase of a property. Many companies offer an employer loan to support their employees and retain them in the long term. But before the worker decides to Read More

How to avail credit without income.

The desire for a loan without income immediately raises a crucial question: from what source should the payment of interest and repayment be made? This is exactly the question you need to answer to the potential lender, otherwise no credit agreement will come about. This does not only apply to bank loans, but almost certainly Read More