Month: March 2020

How do you get low interest on mortgage loan?

Building finance stands and falls with the amount of interest. To reduce the burden of high interest rates, a sufficient share of equity is necessary. In addition, a thorough comparison of interest rate offers from different banks and advice from experts is recommended. Whoever buys a house or condominium usually needs a building loan to Read More

No Credit bureau entry nonetheless no credit.

Credit despite Credit bureau entry A Credit bureau report is required for every borrower in Germany if they want to make a financing request. If this Credit bureau information points to the negative postings, the credit application is usually rejected. Defective Credit bureau entries, for example, unpaid and reminded telephone bills, open credit from the Read More

Loan for retirees – What you should know

Those who want to get a loan for retirees should know a few things. Retirement assets can be easily approved or can be full of hurdles. With the help of our comprehensive loan comparison, you can find a cheap loan for retirees. Loans for the elderly & pensioners. Pensioner credit for pensioners They may be Read More